Shredding Service Options Overview


Ongoing Shredding

Recurring shredding services per a set schedule. Your desired lockable shredding container(s) are provided at your place of business or home.

How a service visit works - Our representative will arrive for each service visit, collect and secure your materials into a locking container(s) and transport directly to our mobile shredding truck. All material within the container(s) is/are raised by the truck’s hydraulic lift directly into the truck and shredded as soon as being emptied from the lifted container. Once the container is brought back down, our service representative will confirm no material remains in the container. All material can be observed going through the shredder via a monitor on the side of the truck. Upon being completed, a Certificate of Destruction will be provided.

Purge/Clean Out

This service is for commercial, government, and residential clients with a need to clean out or purge old files/paperwork.

How this service works – Similar to ongoing, our representative will arrive at your service address. Our representative will load your material to be shredded into our containers and transport directly to the truck for destruction, then lift the container(s) via the hydraulic lift and to be emptied directly into the truck to be fed into the blades. All material can be seen by the trucks side monitor going directly into the blades. Once all material has been destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is provided.